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Geothermal is a complete high efficient heating air conditioning system which can reach the highest SEER, EER or COP ratings for air conditioning and heating systems in the industry. These systems can last 25 plus years if taken care of and installed properly. The ground loop can last up to 50 years. These systems are GREEN and reduce your carbon footprint, reducing the greenhouse gases that are responsible for climate change. Instead of having a outdoor condenser wasting the heat your air conditioning system is rejecting to the ambient air outside recapture it and use it for domestic hot water or help heat your pool at the same time, this can be accomplished easily with heat exchange. With the earth temperature at approximately 52 degrees depending on design lets capture that heat and transfer it into your home with a high efficient compression ratio from your new Bosch geothermal system and dispense it within your home. Older heat pumps that are installed outside cannot reach these dependable efficient demands at a consistent rate making geothermal the right choice. Anew Solutions, Inc can service, replace and install any Geothermal system you may have. The Bosch Product Line is Superior to there competitors and offer a wide range of equipment with un-parallel support. They offer a 10 year parts and labor warranty with there products at no extra cost to you. They also offer in house financing up to $20,000.00 with a 10 year repayment. The payback periods for the Geothermal System can be 5-7 years, these systems can save you up to 70% in utility bills when properly designed and installed. Bosch also offers Solar Technology, High Efficient Indirect water heaters and boilers for both natural gas and propane. If you own property and theres access to it for an excavator or well drilling equipment and you have duct work or radiant heat then you can be a candidate for this system and we can help provide this quote to you at NO COST. Think Green Think Bosch Think Geothermal and THINK ANEW SOLUTION FOR CLEAN ENERGY...

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